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  • I Need To Cancel Due To Covid?
    If you or anyone in your party has tested positive for covid and your isolation period affects your holiday date you are unable to attend your holiday. We require the original proof from the NHS PCR email or text message to show this. If you are made to shield and can not attend your holiday due to ill health, we would require a doctors note of proof and a copy of the shielding letter. Once we receive this we have two options available. Option 1 - You can change your holiday with NO Admin fee to another date in the same calendar year(additional cost may be required dependent on the date chosen). If Your Holiday Falls Towards The End Of The Season You Are Able To Move Your Holiday To The Following Calendar Year In The First 3 Months. Option 2 - You Have permission to sell your holiday to another party with no name change fees. Although we require all information and contact with the new holiday maker. For any other cancellations not covid related please see our cancellation policy under 'other faqs' PLEASE NOTE FOR YOU TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THESE RULES THE DATE OF A POSITIVE TEST SHOULD BE ON THE SAME DATE YOU LET US KNOW. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL RESULT IN FOLLOWING OUR NORMAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • I Have Monkey Pots/Another Infection?
    Please Read Our Covid Policy and Natural Disaster Policy. Unfortunately Everything To Do With Infections and The Global World Will Fall Under The Same Policy.
  • Covid Shut Down, What Will Happen With My Holiday?
    If You Book a Holiday From 2020 to 2021 and the site shuts down due to covid outbreak, we will offer you a replacement date in the same calendar year. We will give you options for holiday dates the same price as your original date and we will also give you availability on other dates which maybe additional costs. Unfortunailty in the period all holidays are non refundable. Please ensure you read this prior to booking your holiday date with us. We are pleased to share with you that we have now put into place a guaranteed covid shut down cover. Which means any NEW booking made from November 2021 for the 2022/2023 holiday season will be entitled to a FULL Refund if the accommodation were to shut down on your holiday date. Please note - as it stands 2024 holidays will also be included in out guaranteed covid shut down cover. Which gives you the piece of mind to now book your holiday with us. Please note this is if accommodation is shut down and not facilities. We do not involve our self with the camp direct.
  • What Do I Bring With Me?
    First Of All Take a Look At Our Caravan Page. This Will Outline Exactly What Is Included In Your Caravan Stay. We Would recommend you to bring the following essentials. Towels Toiletries/Hairdryer,. Your Personal Belonging I.e. clothes, food etc. If You forget anything there is a shop on site for all your essentials.
  • How Does Payment Work?
    When Booking Your Holiday We Take a £100 Bond Deposit To Secure Your Holiday Date. Your Balance Is Then Due No Later Then 6 Weeks Prior To Arrival. Failure To Have The Balance Paid In Due Time Will Result In Your Holiday Resold and Your Current Payments Lost. (Unfortunately due to the amount of bookings we have, we can not promise to send reminders) Therefore We Advise You To Set a Weekly/Monthly Standing Order To Us To Ensure Your Holiday Is Paid On Time. All Payments Will Be Made Via Bank Transfer Only.
  • Optional Extras on Your Holiday
    We Now have the option to add a welcome basket to your holiday. Please note you must give us one week notice if you require this. Welcome Pack Will Include: 6 x Sachets of Coffee (2 in 1) 10 Teabags 1 Pint of Milk 1 Bread and 1 butter 1 pack of biscuits. At a fee of £10. other extras Wifi and Early Check in. See other FAQS
  • Which Caravan Do I Choose?
    Choosing your caravan all depends on how many people are in your party and which one you fancy the most. Both our caravans are both well maintained and priced the same and each come with their own privilege. Please See Our Caravan Tab For More Information On Each Caravan.
  • What Should I know Before Booking?
    It Is So Important For You To Read Our Policies Before Agreeing To A Holiday With Us. This Includes Going Through Our FAQS and Familiarising Yourself With Every Outcome.
  • What Is A Playpass?
    A Play Pass Will Give You Access To Entertainment and Swimming On The Camp. Due to us being private owners, these passes need to be purchased from reception on your arrival once you have settled in your holiday home. Alternatively when your holiday balance is paid and we have registered you for your holiday you may have the option to book your passes 7 days in advance online via the link haven send. Although we recommend to get these to get the full experience out of your holiday, These are not essential if you do not wish to use the entertainment and swimming pool facilities as there is plenty of things around to keep you and your family entertained.
  • What Can I Access Without A Play Pass?
    So You Have Your Accommodation With Us Which Allows Access Into The Park. The Only Time You Require Passes is If You Wish To Go Into The Show bar or Use The Swimming Pool. Without Passes You Can Use The Restaurant and Takeaway Services. Outdoor Parks and Activities, Supermarket, Laundrette and Nature Reserve.
  • How Old Do You Need To Be To Book A Holiday?
    You Need to Be At least 18+ to book a holiday. Our Holidays are designed for families and couples. We Would turn down non families under the age of 21 and we do not allow hen or stag parties.
  • Can I Use The Facilities When Booking Private?
    YES of Course. Although Please Remember To Use The Facilities, You Must Buy A Play Pass From Haven Direct. We Sell Our Holidays As Accommodation Only And Will Not Be Responsible For Facilities On Camp.
  • Where Do I Collect The Key?
    24 Hours prior to your arrival we send over all your details including how to access the key, where our caravans are located and all other general information. Our Key Is Located In A Secure Key Safe Meaning You Will Not Have To Join The Check In Que At Reception and Can Access The Caravan At Your Allocated Check In Time.
  • I Am Arriving Later Than Check In, What Will Happen?
    NOTHING ATALL. The Good Thing About Booking Privately Is You Can Arrive Anytime Within Your Holiday Date And Check In Times.
  • Can I Enter The Park Before My Check In Time?
    YES you are able to use the free park facilities before your check in time. Just Show Your Car Pass To Security On Entry.
  • What Time Is Check In and Out?
    Our Usual Check In Time Would Be 3pm. Although You Have The Option To Upgrade To An Earlier Check In at 1pm For a £20 Fee. (To Do This You Must Contact Us A Week Prior To Your Holiday Date.) Check Out Will Be 10am For All. The Perks of booking private is You Are Welcome To Arrive and Leave At Anytime Within Your Holiday Allocated Dates and Check In Times.
  • There Has Been A Death In The Family, Do I Get a Refund?
    Although We Do Not Like To Discuss Touchy Subjects Like This, It Is Life and Something We Have To Cover. If The Death Is Someone Who Were Booked On To The Holiday, We Require Proof Of The Death Certificate To Fall Under Our Cancelation Death Terms. Failure To provide This Information, Your Holiday Will Fall Under Our Normal Cancelation Policy. If The Death Is A Relative Who Were Not Originally On The Booking, Unfortunately Your Holiday Will Fall Under Our Normal Cancelation Policy. Once your certificate is provided you will receive a full refund of your holiday excluding the £100 bond deposit. Your payment will fall inline with all our refunds and will be process either end of the month of on the departure due date of the holiday booking - which ever is soonest.
  • I Am Waiting For Part Refund Due To Cancelation, When Will I Receive It?
    If You Have Cancelled Your Holiday and You Are Entitled To A Part Refund From Our Cancelation Policy. Your Refund Will Be Processed Either The End Of The Month Or The Departure Date of Your Holiday You Cancelled (Which Ever Is The Soonest).
  • Do You Have Wifi Available?
    If you book our prestige caravan. WIFI is available at an additional cost of £10 for your full holiday duration. Please NOTE. You Must add this on upon booking or atleast 1 week prior to your holiday date.
  • What Happens with my holiday in the event of a natural disaster or pandemic?
    Due to the current pandemic we have had that started march 2020. We are aware that many are worried about their holidays. ​ please note if for any reason it effects your holiday and the park closes we will review your holiday and give you alternative options although we cant discuss exactly what the options will be till nearer your holiday due the different situations. (Please note this will only be relevant if we cancel due to the accommodation affected.) If the holiday is cancelled on your behalf unfortunately you will fall under our regular cancelation policy. ​ Please Read our faqs for more information
  • I Have Booked Your Caravan But Unable to Use Park Facilities?
    Due to us being accommodation ONLY , we are not responsible for anything on the park hence why we do not include passes in your holiday. We rent our caravan to families for them to enjoy our family home. Many people choose to book caravans not just for the park but for a bit of away time. We advertise the facilities on occasions to share the added bonuses that you may want to take advantage of when on your holiday. Although we can not be responsible for anything on the park that is closed and would only review your holiday if the accommodation is affected or you fall under our policy instructions.
  • I Am Leaving My Holiday Early, Can I Have Some Money Back?
    Unfortunately As Private Owners We Have A Strict Cancelation Policy Which Must Be Adhered Too. If You Choose To Leave your Holiday Early, This is At Your Own Discretion and You Will Not Be Entitled To Any Refund. If You Are Kicked Out Of The Camp From Security Due To Not Adhering To The Rules On Camp or Causing Problems With Other Guests, You Will Not Be Entitled To Any Refund.
  • I Am Having Problems With Other Guests, What Do I Do?
    As You Can Appreciate, Being A Private Owner, We Only Take Responsibility For Our Own Guests and Accommodation. Unfortunately we are not responsible and have no involvement with haven and other guests on the camp. If You have any problems with others on the camp, this must be reported to haven direct at reception or to security.
  • What Is A Bond Deposit For?
    Please note for each of our caravans we take a bond for our own protection. Although we don't want to do this, this is to cover us, as unfortunalty in some events we have to cover costs. Both our caravans require a £100 bond on top of all holiday prices. This bond is returned within 48 hours after your departure if the caravan is left how it were when you arrived and the following rules has been adhered too. E.G no damages has occured on your stay including stains, breakages, any un necessary mess. Nothing has gone missing including furniture, accessories etc. Rules have been adhered to from our welcome handbook that is issued to you on arrival. Health & Safety Has Been Followed. We understand sometimes accidents happen therefore if you message us, we can then review the situation. ​ We also ask you to remove any rubbish and empty the fridges before you departure. Failure To Do This Will Result In a Extra Cleaning Fee.
  • What Is Your Cancelation Policy?
    We Always Hope You Don't Need to cancel your holiday but if you do please message us ASAP so that we can offer you alternative options. Please note if you wish to move your holiday date this MUST be in the same calendar Year and will incur a £20 Fee. Please Note if the new holiday date is more additional payment will be required. If the new holiday date is less it will remain the same holiday price as what you have paid. ​ If you wish to cancel your holiday all together and require a refund, cancelation charges and rules are calculated from the date we receive your verbal instructions. ​ Every holiday cancelation on your behalf will result in loosing your £100 Bond Deposit. If You cancel your holiday 6+ Months prior to your arrival You Will Receive A Full Refund Of What You Have Paid but the £100 Bond Deposit Will Be Lost. If You cancel your holiday Between 3 to 6 Months prior to your arrival You Will Loose 30% of Your Holiday Cost Plus Your £100 Bond Deposit. If You Choose to cancel your holiday between 6 weeks & 3 Months of your holiday You Will Loose 50% Of Your Holiday Cost Plus Your £100 Bond Deposit. If You Choose to cancel your holiday 6 weeks or before your arrival date No Refund is issued as we require full payment 6 weeks before your arrive. If You Wish to Give Your Holiday To Someone Else There Will Be a £30 Name Change Fee If the Holiday is under 8 weeks away. ​ (your holiday cost is the total cost of your holiday plus your bond - for example if your holiday is £199 plus £100 bond and you fall under our 30% fee plus £100 deposit. it will be £299 - 30% - £100 which would be a total refund of £109.30) PLEASE NOTE if you urgently can not go due to injury and have left it late to tell us , as long as your holiday is not within 4 weeks away, we can offer alternative dates although the above admin fee and additional costs will be required. On this note proof will be asked i.e doctors note, letters etc. Please note - Payment plans work slightly different. As this is an advanced booking the same rules able above but the minimum loss will be £100 bond plus 10% off what you have paid no matter on the date of notice. If death is the reason for cancelation and the person were in the original booking, we would require proof of the death certificate. Once this has been provided we will offer a full refund excluding the £100 bond deposit. If the death is a family member or anyone out the booking unfortunately you would follow our normal cancelation policy. PLEASE SEE OUR 'FAQ' For more information Any covid related cancellations please see our 'covid' Section. PLEASE NOTE - if you have changed your original holiday date to a date in the future, the cancelation policy above will be void and you will only have the option to sell your holiday at a fee of a £30 name change and a refund will not be a option.
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